Sponsoring the 1st St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory

CRIPT is one of the sponsors of the 1st St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory, held at St Andrews, on 10-11 June 2013.


Monday, 10th June 2013

11-11.30am    Registration

11.30am-1pm    Panel 1: Reconsiderations of the political

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro (St Andrews)
  • David Ragazzoni (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies): Relocating ‘the political’: Carl Schmitt and the reassessment of international political theory at the dawn of the jus publicum Europaeum
  • Daniel Duggan (Durham): Republicanism and cosmopolitan nationalism in the international political thought of T. H. Green
  • James Wakefield (Cardiff): The internal state and international politics: one case for post-Westphalian idealism

1-2.30pm    Lunch break

2.30-4pm    Panel 2: Issues of identity and otherness

  • Chair: Prof. Patrick Hayden (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Natasha Saunders (St Andrews)
  • Noirin MacNamara (Queen’s University Belfast): Judith Butler and responsibility in global politics
  • Martin Deleixhe (Universite Libre de Bruxelles): Kant’s right to hospitality reinterpreted as a right to an integration process

4-4.30pm    Refreshments

4.30-6.30pm    Keynote address

  • Prof. David Boucher (Cardiff): Raw and Cooked Savages: the background theory of colonialism and its modern legacy
  • Chair: Max Jaede (St Andrews)

7pm    Conference dinner

Tuesday, 11th June 2013

10-12am    Panel 3: Global constitutionalism and international law

  • Chair: Prof. Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Muhammad Ashfaq (St Andrews)
  • Signe Blaabjerg Christoffersen (Copenhagen): Accountability Rediscovered: towards a multifaceted understanding of accountability
  • Markus Patberg (TU Darmstadt/UCL): Constituent power and the democratic legitimacy of institution-building in the global realm
  • Nele Kortendiek (Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Duisburg): Democratising global social justice: a discourse-theoretical approach to transnational distributive justice and democracy
  • Davide Orsi (Cardiff): Customary international law and the jus in law: some considerations from Michael Oakeshott’s theory of civil association

12-1pm    Lunch break

1-2.30pm    Panel 4: Issues of transitional justice

  • Chair: Prof. Patrick Hayden (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Maša Mrovlje (St Andrews)
  • Jesper Lærke Pedersen (Durham): Colonialism and special duties of redress
  • Josh Bowsher (Nottingham): Staging the Post-Apartheid State: Post-conflict nationhood as the pedagogical narrative and performative iterations of truth and reconciliation
  • Duncan Scott (Aberdeen): Practising pragmatism after conflict: An assessment of two ethics of political reconciliation

2.30-2.45pm    Closing remarks

  • Prof. Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews)

2.45pm    Refreshments


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