CRIPT Research Themes, 2015-16

Dear Members,

CRIPT will continue to support research activities of its members – by providing space for dissemination as well as funding support – which can be located at the intersection between political and global theory broadly defined. In this regard, we would draw your attention to a couple of changes we have introduced to the group’s research activities. We would like to propose two new research streams (outlines below) for the biennium 2015-2016.

Theme one“Paradigms or Figures of the Exception”

By ‘paradigm’ we mean here, in line with Giorgio Agamben, those political figures that “make intelligible a broader historical-problematic context”. In this sense, a paradigm is to be understood as a ‘multidimensional window’, a liminal category, a crossroads in which the global intersects and reflects itself into the domestic and the domestic, in turn, reflects into the global. Accordingly, this research stream tries to promote those projects that aim at critically analysing the new global geometries of power and rethinking potential spaces of freedom. We encourage submissions of panels/roundtables/workshops that aim at exploring in depth the new paradigms of the exception, and initiatives that are looking for a continuous interrogation of these issues be it in a series of panels at different conferences, discussion-groups or contributions to blogs or other publishing outlets.

List of topics (indicative):

  • The Camp
  • The Martyr
  • The Migrant
  • Extraordinary Renditions
  • General Strike
  • Sacrifice

Theme two: ‘Thinkers of the Political’

We also encourage submissions of projects that aim at rethinking the work of some critical ‘thinkers of the political’. The aim of this section is to explore the key concepts and ideas of those thinkers that could help opening alternative methodological and epistemological ways to explore and theorise the forms of the ‘political’ in the global age or shed a new light on the existing ways of studying and understanding ‘the political’.

List of thinkers (indicative):

  • Miguel Abensour
  • Giorgio Agamben
  • Hannah Arendt
  • Rosi Braidotti
  • Cornelius Castoriadis
  • Carl von Clausewitz
  • Roberto Esposito
  • Martin Heidegger
  • Ernst Jünger
  • Claude Lefort
  • Niccolò Machiavelli
  • Carl Schmitt
  • Georges Sorel
  • Baruch Spinoza
  • Max Weber

We are open to your initiatives and we very much look forward to working with you.

With best wishes,

Antonio & Andreja